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Pillars of the Library

Pillar DoricPillars of the Library

The three principal officers in a Lodge are represented by three columns representing Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty. These columns correspond with three orders of architecture revered by Masons. They are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. There should be Wisdom to contrive, Strength to support, and Beauty to adorn all important undertakings. With that in mind, I propose that we contrive a plan to support a fund to adorn that magnificent edifice we all own in Cedar Rapids, the Iowa Masonic Library and Museums.

My proposal is a three-year plan dedicated to raising money to perpetuate the upkeep of the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum Building. My goal is to raise $500,000.00 a year for each of the next 3 years. I am asking 500 members of the Craft or Lodges as a whole to each donate $1000.00 per year to the Iowa Masonic Library and Museums Building Endowment Fund. As a gift for your generous contribution, you will receive a column representing one of the original orders of architecture. The first year you will receive a Doric column followed by an Ionic and Corinthian. The Iowa Masonic Library and Museums Building Endowment Fund is a 501(c)(3) corporation so your gift is completely tax deductible.

I hope that you wish to participate in this program. We have a premier Library and Museum, but it requires a substantial amount of funding for upkeep and repair. All you need to do is send your check for $1000.00 to the Grand Secretary’s office designated to IMLMBEF. This program is purely voluntary, but think of the enormity of the situation. Don’t let the lapse of time, the ruthless hand of ignorance, or just plain apathy let our Library “fall in utter ruin”. Please give generously and help insure the future of our Iowa Masonic heritage.


Apr 03

Grand Master Arthur G. Crandon

Art Crandon No RegaliaLet’s Try Masonry!

This year we are going to focus on getting back to basics, and to me, that means focusing on what we are really about as Masons.
First and foremost is “The Fatherhood of God”. From the time we signed our petition, stood at the door of the Lodge to receive our first lesson, knelt in the center of the Lodge to pray, and took our obligations at the altar, we are taught that God should be in our thoughts and actions in all we do and say.
Second is “The Brotherhood of Man”. We are all Brothers who “Meet on the Level, Act by the Plumb, and Part upon the Square”.
Ritual is that part of Masonry which brings this together and contains all the lessons and tenets which should characterize our daily lives.
We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have programs in place to accomplish the education of the New Masons:
The Masonic Enlightenment Course
The Mentoring Program
The Academy of Knowledge
The Regional School System
The Local Study Groups
And most importantly, the individual Mason who will give of his time to work with a Brother, old and new, who has the desire to learn.
The Grand Master’s Area Meetings will be held in October and November HERE for the schedule.

September 2015 Grand Lodge Bulletin


September 2015 Bulletin Cover

The 2015 September Grand Lodge Bulletin is now available click here.



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